August 12, 2023

I say chaps! Wot a Top-Hole Show!

Three actors, twelve characters, much silliness and a dog!

When a perfectly delightful trip to the countryside takes a turn for the worse, aristocratic buffoon Bertie Wooster is called on to reunite his newt-obsessed pal, Gussie Fink-Nottle with his hosts drippy daughter Madeline Bassett, steal a silver cow creamer for his demanding Aunt Dahlia, whilst trying to avoid a severe beating from the scary despot Roderick Spode who clearly has got it in for both Gussie and Bertie.  If Bertie, (ably assisted by his ever dependable but long-suffering manservant Jeeves and Aunt Dahlia’s doddery old butler Seppings), can't pull off the wedding of the year, he'll be forced to abandon his cherished bachelor status and marry the ghastly Madeline himself! Can Bertie survive all these farcical misadventures? Will he escape marriage? Does he avoid a beating? Or can Jeeves save the day?

Enjoy an evening of raucous comedy in the company of Wodehouse’s finest characters as three actors hurl themselves from role to role to tell the story of Bertie's many farcical mishaps.

It’s Perfectly Nonsensically Spiffing!

Tickets £17 - £14

Brought to you from the TTC team of 39 Steps and the award winning Ladykillers.  So hugely successful it was voted “Best New Comedy” in the 2014 Olivier West End Awards.  

“In Perfect Nonsense Transforms the trivial into the sublime” – The Telegraph

This amateur production of “Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect Nonsense” is by arrangement with Nick Herm Books

The Cast




James Klech

Bertie Wooster

Nick Stafford


Nick Smith

Sid Foley/Radio Technician

James Macauley

Sir Watkin Bassett

Nick Smith

Gussie Fink-Nottle

James Klech

Stiffy Byng

James macauley / Nick Smith

Madeline Bassett

Nick Smith

Aunt Dahlia

Nick Smith

Roderick Spode

James Klech / Mick Smith


James Macauley

Constable Oates

Nick Smith

Stiffy's Dog


The Crew


Helen Thorpe


Atlas Morgan


Nigel Jemmett & Helen Thorpe

Set Artists

Annette Tranter, Lucy Ireland & Damian Molyneux

Lighting Designer

Lee Jennings & Helen Thorpe

Lighting Technicians

Trinity Theatre & Lee Jennings

Sound Designer

Lauren Cooper & Helen Thorpe


Di Byers, Fiona Young, Christina Blaney, Claire Sylvester, Rebecca Justins, Helen Thorpe, Patsy Dale & Ann Merriman


Helen Thorpe, Fiona Young, Andrew Swann, Chris Howland & Phil Hardy-Bishop

Production Team

Helen Thorpe, Chris Howland, Phil Hardy-Bishop, Fiona Young, pail Donlon & TTC Members & Friends

Graphic Design

Andrew Swann


Jamie Craig Photography