March 6, 2023



William Shakespeare

          Weds 28th – Sat 1st March 2024

Directed by Helen Thorpe

On a deserted battlefield, in the aftermath of a bloody war, mysterious witches appear to loyal Lord and warrior Macbeth. With sinister intent, they tell his fortune and predict his future, which sparks dark thoughts within him. Combine this with a manipulative, darkly ambitious but ultimately flawed wife, this startling encounter, unleashes a bloody chain of events that will see him murder his way to be crowned king, replacing dignity and rules of law with brutality, guilt and paranoia. Macbeth uses any means necessary to hold on to his power. Watch as his world collapses around him and explore how personal ambition and the abuse of power can corrupt and destroy nations, still so relevant today.

With thrilling action and chilling supernatural moments, follow Macbeth’s bloody journey from hero to tyrant, all performed by a stellar cast, and directed by Helen Thorpe in one of Shakespeare’s best known tragic masterpieces. It will simply electrify you!

18th - 21st October 2023

Matinees: Friday & Saturday 

**Opening Night Offer** 2 Tickets for £28. Use the code: TTC2023 

School Groups: £10 per student. Teacher FREE per 10 students. Please contact Katie Sommers via

Performance times: 7.30pm (nightly) & 2.30pm (matinees)

Matinees: Friday & Saturday

The Cast




Matt Springett 

Lady Macbeth

Helen Cheales 


Tim Molyneux 


Teddy Gillinder


Nick Wray

Lady Macduff 

Kate Marshall 

Child of Macduff

Pheobe Marshall 

Lady Macduff Attendant

A witch 

Queen Duncan 

Emma Harrison 


Ben Dangerfield 


Kate Marshall 


James Marshall 

Lord Ross

Michael Sutherland

Lord Lennox

Michael Sutherland

Lord Angus + Lord

Emma Harrison

Lord Menteth

Michael Sutherland 

Lord Cathness

James Marshall 

A Lord

John Walker 


Kate Marshal


Fiona Young, Jean Erxleben & Carol Smith

Lord Seyward

John Walker

Young Seyward

John Walker


Kim Joyce 

English Doctor scene + Messenger

David Smith 

Scottish Doctor scene 

+ 2x gentlewomen

John Walker & 

Stella Crawford 

2 Porters

Kim Joyce & Diane Gillinder 

Old woman + kin 

Diane Gillinder & Kim Joyce 

Lady M attendants

Stella Crawford + a witch 

3 x murderers

Chris Howland, James Marshall & John Walker 

Various Messengers, servants + attendants + soldiers + nightmare scene

Stella Crawford, David Smith, witches, James Marshall, Teddy Gillinder & Pheobe Marshall

Character Interviews



Some rehearsal pictures...