A Murder is Announced


Agatha Christie

A Tale of Wicked Murder!


An unusual announcement in a small-town newspaper advert reads: “A murder is announced, and it will take place on Friday, October 13th, at Little Paddocks 6:30pm.” Is it a joke? A macabre party invitation? Or something more sinister! Unable to resist, a group of curious villagers gather at Miss Blacklock’s Victorian house at the appointed time. Suddenly, the lights go out, a gun is fired, and someone winds up dead! Who is this unknown victim? Who is the killer? Or is it just a poor joke? What follows next is a chilling Christie puzzle of mixed motives, concealed identities, a second death, and a grimly humorous but determined Inspector who follows every lead. Enter, Miss Marple who must unravel all the twist and turns and then dramatically confront a very determined killer in this well written, darkly, atmospheric adaptation of this well-known Christie piece.


February 28th – 1st March  2024

Matinees Friday & Saturday at 2:30pm


Trinity Theatre, Church Road,
Tunbridge Wells

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