August 24, 2015

By Patrick Hamilton

23-27 Feb 2010

A bell clangs in the early evening gloom of a foggy Victorian street as the muffin man does his rounds, while in the tall, forbidding house which is becoming her prison, Bella Manningham is slowly losing her mind. Her husband’s tyranny and the insolence of her housemaid, plus the air of mystery in her home, have driven her almost to breaking-point. She can’t explain the mysterious disappearance of familiar objects, the sounds of footsteps in an uninhabited, sealed part of the house while her husband is out, and the ghostly flickering of the living room gas lights. Are these simply a figment of her delusional mind?As the drama unfolds, it becomes clear that Manningham is intent on convincing Bella that she is going mad. But why? Patrick Hamilton’s powerful play, is a hybrid of whodunit, psychological thriller and comedy, whose plot is fully furnished wit> twists and turns guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Made into a hugely sucessful Hollywood Film, ‘Gaslight’ was nominated for seven Oscars with Ingrid Bergman winning Best Actress for her portrayal of Bella.


Bella Manningham: LUCY DICKENS

Jack Manningham: MATT PENFOLD

Inspector Rough: HUMPHREY SKETT



Directed by Meg Nutt