August 24, 2015

By Terrence Rattigan

4-8 May 2010

Tue 5 – Sat 8 May 2010 at 8pm (matinee Sat 8th at 3pm)

Inspired by a true case, Terence Rattigan turns the facts into one of his best and most engrossing plays, winning awards on both sides of the Atlantic. This compelling drama is a deeply moving, yet humorous story of passion and politics. Set just before the Great War, 13-year-old naval cadet, Ronnie Winslow, is expelled for stealing a five-shilling postal order. Convinced that he is innocent, the boy’s father hires the best advocate in the land and the case reaches both parliament and the High Court. But as the entire family becomes embroiled in the battle for justice against the might of the Establishment, there is a huge price to be paid by them all. At a time when our public life is so dismally degraded, be reminded of a time when MPs were concerned enough to defend the rights of an individual child and people believed in the possibility of even-handed justice! A civilised, witty play about people and ideas rooted in another time, which seems utterly relevant to our own.


Ronnie Winslow Daniel Angell-Payne

Violet Jenny Hills

Arthur Winslow John Taylor

Grace Winslow Nicky Moreton

Catherine Winslow Jenny McQueen

Dickie Winslow David Young

John Watherstone John Walker

Desmond Curry Peter Emanuel

Miss Barnes Catherine Allen

Fred Paul Beard

Sir Robert Morton Glen Marks

Directed by Sally Bishop