August 24, 2015

By Frank Marcus

Tue 6 – Sat 10th October 2009

The audience ratings for the popular BBC daily serial Applehurst are on the slide. Will the leading character have to be sacrificed to save the show?

This dark comedy follows actress June Buckridge as she discovers that Sister George, the much-loved character she plays in the popular BBC radio soap opera Applehurst, is about to be killed off. Already volatile and difficult to work with, June’s behaviour becomes increasingly paranoid to the consternation of her live-in companion Childie, and her BBC Assistant Head of Department, Mrs Mercy Croft. First seen in London’s West End in 1965 and later filmed under the same title, The Killing of Sister George still packs a powerful satiric punch.

An all female cast featuring Carol Smith, Nicky Moreton, Emma Sharnock and Adrienne Fitzwilliam

Directed by Helen Thorpe