August 25, 2015

By Patrick Hamilton

16th to 21st July 2013

Brandon Chris Woodward
Granillo Mark Hoskin
Rupert Ashley Munson
Leila Catherine Millar
Raglan Ollie Stone
Sir Johnstone Peter Emanuel
Sabot Jessica Everett

Trinity Theatre Club presents a truly macabre spellbinder of recreational homicide set at the end of the Art Deco period.

Based on a true story and made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s film of the late forties the morals of the play will intrigue, challenge and shock even the most broad-minded of audiences.

It’s 1929 – the post-war Jazz Age. Oxford students, Brandon and Granillo have grown up wealthy, privileged and well educated. However, there comes a time when always getting everything you want isn’t quite enough. Brandon is bored.

The cure? To commit the perfect murder, of course!
Inspired by a true case, Patrick Hamilton’s classic psychological thriller presents a chilling anatomy of an apparently motiveless murder and a brilliant snapshot of a jazz-age generation wallowing in privilege, booze, parties, a shallow obsession with fashion and films and a desperate inner emptiness.

Hamilton’s Rope has been thrilling theatre audiences since 1929. The draw of the coolly intellectual anti-heroes is undeniable and you may even draw some parallels to events in today’s society.