August 25, 2015

By Bernard Shaw

30th April – 4th May

Bernard Shaw’s masterpiece Pygmalion comes to Trinity in a sumptuous production by the acclaimed TTC. A hilarious class satire, a stunning period piece and a quirky romance rolled into one, the play shows the transformation of a grimy flower girl into an elegant lady, and the unexpected love story that develops develops as a result. Popularised by the musical My Fair Lady, but with its own depth and charm, Pygmalion is guaranteed to amuse, touch and delight.

Henry Higgins Kris Robertson
Eliza Doolittle Maria Jones
Colonel Pickering Marc Vickers
Alfred P Doolittle Derek Holland
Mrs Pearce Carol Smith
Mrs Higgins Mary Alderson
Mrs Eynsford-Hill Helen Winning
Miss Eynsford-Hill Rozzy Adams
Freddie Eynsford-Hill Ashley Munson
Jenny McQueen Ollie Stone
Patrick Moss Chrissie Elcock
Katherine Webb Anthony Hoski