September 14, 2015

by Yasmina Reza

directed by Caroline Elliott

Parents Behaving Badly?

What happens when two sets of parents meet up to deal with the unruly behaviour of their offspring? A calm and rational debate between grown-ups? Or something a bit less… civilised?

What begins as a reasonable chat soon spirals into an hilarious afternoon of verbal warfare as each couple sinks to the level of bickering children. It’s a comedy of manners – without the manners!

Christopher Hampton’s translation of Yasmin Reza’s sharp-edged comedy premiered at Wyndham’s Theatre, London in March 2008. Reza is an award-winning playwright and novelist based in Paris whose works have enjoyed international success. Her previous play, Art, ran for 8 years in London and won the Laurence Olivier award for Best Comedy – a triumph outdone by The God of Carnage, which won both the Olivier and the Tony on Broadway for Best Play.


Alan – Andy Forsyth
Annette – Caroline Fenton
Michael – Kris Robertson
Veronica – Bridget Collins