September 14, 2015

by Frederick Knott

directed by Meg Nutt

Deception, Betrayal, Passion & Greed

Dial M for Murder is best known as one of Hitchcock’s film noir masterpieces, and TTC’s elegant and stylish production makes the most of its provenance, as well as adding its own twist. A  superb black-and-white design, spectacular lighting and atmospheric set make for a play that looks even better than the film, while providing all the frisson and excitement of live action!

Ex-tennis professional Tony Wendice married his wife Sheila for her money. Now he plans to kill her for the same reason, convinced that she is having an affair.  When his precise murder plot goes awry, can he improvise an equally deadly plan B? Claustrophobic and frightening, TTC’s exciting new production is a master class in how to stage, if not the perfect murder, then at least the perfect thriller … The climax of this erotic and psychologically suspenseful story, which has thrilled audiences for decades, will leave you breathlessly on the edge of your seat.

Deception, betrayal, passion and greed prove potent ingredients for an unsettling mystery in Dial M For Murder. Directed by Meg Nutt, TTC’s master of suspense (director of the hugely successful Corpse!, Gaslight and Rope), Frederick Knott’s thriller is a brilliant, subtle and compelling study of infidelity, resentment and greed – not to mention (of course) murder!

Visually stunning, as well as gripping and unpredictable, Dial M For Murder is a long overdue revival of a classic – so book your seats for an evening of masterful suspense set in the style of film noir!

When Murder calls…hang up!

Dial M for Marvellous” Telegraph ★★★★★

Performance Dates:
Tuesday 23 to Saturday 27 February 2016