March 6, 2017

by Arthur Miller

directed by Helen Thorpe

Salem, 1692. A small, tight-knit community smoulders with repression and resentment. Dominated by church, pride and reputation, men and women hide their deepest desires. But a deadly mixture of lust, hatred and terror lurks beneath the surface, tinder-dry – until a spark of superstition sets it alight.

Based on the true story of the Salem Witch trials, but as timeless as humanity, The Crucible is a chilling dissection of mindless persecution, the “dark, dangerous hearts” of people living in fear, and the horrifying momentum of vengeance. Fuelled by grievances, betrayal and lies, the fire of false accusations rages out of control, an inferno of murder that not even honesty can quench…

At once a parable, a morality play of power and envy, and a breath-taking drama of human love and weakness, Miller’s masterpiece of twentieth-century theatre has been called ‘the most powerful central work of American drama’ – an unmissable, devastating portrait of a flawed community and the cost of tyranny.



Tuesday 17th October 2017 till Saturday 21st October 2017


Rev John Hale
– James Klech
Rev Samuel Parris
– Kris Robertson
Abigail Williams
– Amelia Zimmatore
Frances Nurse
– Bob Brown
Elizabeth Proctor
– Bridget Collins
John Proctor
– Nick Wray
Judge Hathorne
– Symon Hamer
Deputy-Governor Danforth
– Clyde Young
Mary Bradbury
– Carol Smith
Mary Warren
– Elise Verney
Susanna Walcott
– Nat O’Millervan
Sarah Good
– Fiona Young
Ezekiel Cheever
– Gareth Owen-Williams
– Jess Fraser
Mercy Lewis
– Jess Horsley
Betty Parris
– Elizabeth Morgan
Rebecca Nurse
– Kate Robbins
– Marc Evans
Thomas Putnam
– Gareth Owen-Williams
Ann Putnam
– Emma Harrison
Giles Corey
– Nick Smith
Martha Corey
– Carol Smith
Sarah Bibber
– Nat O’Millervan
Marshal Herrick
– Zak Nicholls