July 1, 2021


12th July – Sunday 18th July 2021

Ever wondered what goes on at those evening tap dancing classes? Now’s your chance to find out…

Meet Mavis – an attractive ex professional dancer – with the unenviable task of putting a disparate bunch of left-footed amateurs through their paces and moulding them into something a trifle more polished. Her eight students are a mixed bunch – from quiet, widowed Geoffrey through to larger than life, forthright Sylvia, shy Andy and snobby Vera – and are accompanied on their journey by grumpy, sarcastic Mrs Fraser the temperamental pianist.
Can Mavis stop them all squabbling in time to turn tribulation to triumph or are they fated to remain in dingy church hall obscurity?
This well-loved play has been performed all over the world, winning numerous awards – the laughter is definitely “on tap” in this warm-hearted slice of life modern comedy.
Come see the misfits making good!