August 20, 2015

By Alan Ayckbourn’s

Tuesday 31st October – Saturday 4th November

Following the publication of Trinity’s September 2006 programme, TTC has regretfully decided to postpone their production of The Phantom Of The Opera, due to unavoidable circumstances.

But do not be downcast! Phantom has been re-scheduled for next November and in its place this year, Caroline Elliot has chosen to direct an interesting and unusual Ayckbourn, with a nasty little twist in its tail. An all female three-hander, Snake in the Grass brings together experienced actresses Honor Southam, Meg Nutt and Adrienne Fitzwilliam, who makes a welcome return to TTC.

First produced in 2002, Ayckbourn describes his 61st play as a ghost story. For Annabel and her sister, Miriam, the sunlit garden of their family home is filled with deeply buried childhood memories. But when night begins to fall, is it only the past which will come back to haunt them? Or something infinitely more terrifying?

With characteristic skill, Ayckbourn operates on various levels and the comedy in the sparky, tetchy relationship between Annabel and her sister Miriam soon gives way to introspection and confession.

Touching, funny and spooky – this play has something for everyone and shouldn’t be missed.