August 24, 2015

By Neil Simon

6-10 May 2008

3 couples, Suite 719, The Plaza Hotel, New York, 1967……….

Neil Simon is arguably the most successful playwright in the world. He has had dozens of plays and nearly as many major films produced. He has been showered with more Academy and Tony nominations than any other writer, and is the only playwright to have four Broadway productions running simultaneously. He has won many awards including the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize. His true success, however, is in his unique way of exposing something real in the human spirit.

The play tells three different stories each of them compelling, hilarious and instantly recognizable. A wife books herself in to the Plaza Hotel in an effort to rekindle her failing marriage with some unexpected results, a Hollywood producer returns to try to rekindle a relationship with his childhood sweetheart who he now begins to recognize is the only genuine person he’s ever met and a couple desperately try to entice their daughter out of a locked bathroom to marry her fiancĂ©!
Don’t miss this hilarious comedy, directed by John Martin