August 24, 2015


By Ray Cooney

Tue 30th October – Sat 3rd November 2007 at 8pm (Matinees Wed and Sat at 2:30pm)

When Richard Willey, a Government Minister, plans to spend the evening with Jane Worthington, one of the Opposition’s typists, things go disastrously wrong, beginning with the discovery of a “body” trapped in the hotel’s only unreliable sash window. Desperately trying to get out of an extremely sticky situation, Richard calls for his PPS, George Pigden who, through Richard’s lies, sinks further and further into trouble with everybody and ends up going through an identity crisis. Things go from bad to worse with the arrival of Ronnie, Jane’s distraught young husband and with the addition of an unscrupulous waiter, Mrs Willey and Nurse Foster things really come to a head! This is a typically fast, frenetic and hilarious Ray Cooney comedy




















(left) Peter Emanuel (Richard Willey) and Glen Marks (George Pigden)