September 14, 2015

By Joseph Kresselring

Directed by Helen Thorpe

Home Sweet Hom…icide

In 1940’s Brooklyn, two sweet old ladies have developed a new hobby – murder…

Mortimer Brewster is a normal, run-of- the-mill guy, anxious to marry his fiancée Elaine. But standing between Mortimer and matrimonial bliss is one problem: his aunts. With their trademark mixture of arsenic and elderberry wine, Aunts Abby and Martha revel in killing lonely old men – out of sympathy, of course – and burying their corpses in the cellar.  Desperate to cover up his aunts’ – er – eccentricities, and hampered by the rest of his weird and wacky family, Mortimer is forced to thwart the police, conceal a corpse, stop another killing, commit his brother & convince Elaine that their wedding could still lead to happily ever after!

Set in 1940’s Brooklyn, Arsenic & Old Lace is a perfectly crafted comedy, which has been delighting audiences for over 75 years. TTC’s production, staged with bravado, verve and a dash of comedy madness, is directed by award-winning Helen Thorpe and will have you rolling in the aisles!


Mortimer Brewster –  Symon Hamer
Teddy Brewster –   James Klech
Abby Brewster –  Jean Erxleben
Martha Brewster –  Caroline Fenton
Jonathan Brewster –  Neil Harris
Elaine Harper –  Emmie Rhodes
Dr Einstein –  Mary Alderson
Mr Gibbs –  Derek Hollweg
Rev Dr Harper –  Peter Emanuel
Officer O’Hara –  Dan Palmer
Lt Rooney –  Peter Emanuel
Officer Brophy –  Helen Winning
Officer Klein –  Aimee Cree
Mr Witherspoon –  Derek Hollweg

Performance:  Tuesday 18th – Saturday 22nd October 2016

Photos by Paul Meyer