August 24, 2015

By Dario Fo

Tues 12th – Sat 16th October

Dario Fo’s classical farce was a sensation when it premiered in Italy over 30 years ago. Based on the true story of a political activist who “fell” to his death from the window of a police office, the original production was seen by over half a million people.

Central to the piece is the “maniac”, a one-man carnival with a mania for acting and who, whilst under the guise of a Judge, re-opens the enquiry into the anarchist’s death with hilarious and devastating results.

This incisive satire about the absurdity of police corruption, media manipulation and political shenanigans, is given a thrillingly modern twist by Simon Nye (author of the hit TV series Men Behaving Badly).

Sharp, hilarious and fast-paced, filled with anarchy, irreverence and sheer lunacy, Simon Nye’s adaptation (transposed to modern day London), is filled with topical gags and a hysterical perspective on the great British constabulary.


Maniac John Martin

Bertozzo Kris Robertson

Superintendent Glen Marks

Inspector Chris Woodward

Constable 1 George Percy

Constable 2 John Taylor

Journalist Sam Comfort

Directed by Helen Thorpe