Current Production

Three Sisters

Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov

with a new version by Sarah Ruhl

directed by Kirrie Wratten

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Tuesday 16th October – Saturday 20th October 2018 at 7.30pm
Matinees on Wednesday 17th October & Saturday 20th October 2018 at 2:30pm
Evenings £15; Conc. £14; Friends £13; Matinees £10
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Declarations of love, illicit sex, drunkenness, gambling, threats and violence; this can’t be the same Chekhov who writes plays where nothing much happens….

Three passionate women dream of a better life – and let the one they’re living slip through their fingers.   Performed in a vibrant new version by the award winning playwright Sarah Ruhl, this glittering, melancholic tragicomedy is Chekhov’s masterpiece.  So yes, it is the same Chekhov, who actually writes plays where everything happens, expressing somehow the core of what it is to be human.

Touching, clever, and unexpectedly funny, TTC’s production of Three Sisters is a must-see version of a modern classic.


Andrei          Mike Clarke

Natasha       Helen Cheales

Olga            Fiona Young

Masha         Bridget Collins

Irina             Louise Knapp

Kulygin        Kris Robertson

Vershinin      Ben Butler-Cole

Tuzenbach   Chris Woodward

Solyony        Josh Marks

Chebutykin    Ralph Miller

Fedotik         Nick Wray

Rode            Larry Saunders

Ferapont       Derek Hollweg

Anfisa          Carol Smith


Audition Notice

THREE SISTERS – by Anton Chekhov (translated by Sarah Ruhl)

Directed by Kirrie Wratten

Richard Eyre wrote in an article for The Independent that “in my opinion Anton Chekhov is quite simply the best playwright of the 20th century (and 19th).”

Certainly, Chekhov is much loved by actors (and directors!) because he writes such wonderful characters; even those who have less to say are minutely observed. This is an ensemble play which will be a joy to work on, and to perform. 

The version of Three Sisters that I have chosen for TTC is by Sarah Ruhl, who is faithful to the original, but also “lets the play breathe with a simple unmannered approach to the drama that makes it seem shockingly contemporary.” (Karen D’Souza)


Get in, Technical & Dress rehearsals Sun/Mon (14th/15th) October
Performances Tuesday 16th – Saturday 20th October evenings, plus matinees on Wed 17th and Sat 20th October


WHERE:            TocH Hall, Little Mount Sion, off the High Street, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1YS

DATE:            Tuesday 5th June – 19:45 – 22:15



Three Sisters character list Feb 2018


Three Sisters Recall scene Act 1

Three Sisters recall scene Act 3





The action of the play takes place over a period of three and a half
years, in the house and garden of the Prozorov family.

Exactly one year after the death of their father, Colonel Prozorov, the three
Prozorov sisters, Olga, Masha and Irina, and their brother Andrei have
gathered with officers from the local military garrison, to celebrate the birthday
of the youngest sister, Irina. They are full of their hopes and dreams for the
The new commanding officer from the garrison arrives, Colonel Vershinin. He
attracts the attention of all the sisters, because he has just come from
Moscow, where they lived when they were children: the sisters would all love
to return to the Moscow of their youth.
One of the young officers, Tuzenbach, declares his love for Irina.
Another guest at the party is Natasha, a local girl, whom Andrei loves; during
the birthday lunch, he asks her to marry him.

By Act II, Andrei and Natasha have a baby son; Andrei’s academic ambitions
have all but evaporated; he now works for the local council, and has also
started gambling in the company of the lodger in the family home, the army
doctor Chebutykin. Natasha is taking over the household; the eldest sister,
Olga, and Irina are both working. Olga is still a teacher, and Irina now has a
job at the telegraph office. Masha (married to school teacher Kulygin) and
Vershinin have started an affair. Tuzenbach decides to resign his
commission. Solyony declares his love for Irina.

Act 3 takes place in the bedroom which Olga and Irina now share. A fire in
the town is still raging in the distance, and people have taken refuge in the
Prozorov house. Olga is finding clothes to distribute to people who have been
left homeless by the fire. Olga and Natasha argue about Anfisa, a servant
who has been with the family for decades, but in Natasha’s view is getting too
old to earn her keep. Chebutykin has got very drunk, and breaks a valuable
clock. He also announces that Natasha has been having an affair with the
chairman of the local council. The sisters exchange secrets: Masha
confesses her affair with Vershinin, and Olga advises Irina to marry
Tuzenbach. Andrei also has a confession to make; he has mortgaged the
house in order to pay his gambling debts.

Act 4 sees the departure of the militia, and the officers all come to say
goodbye to the Prozorov family. Irina and Tuzenbach are to marry and move
away, but Solyony has challenged Tuzenbach to a duel. As the soldiers
leave, and the military band plays, news of Tuzenbach’s death reaches the
sisters; they cling together not only for comfort, but also to find the courage to
confront the rest of their lives.