Current Production

Murder on the Nile

by Agatha Christie

directed by Chris Howland

Performance:  Tuesday 27th February – Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 7.30pm
Matinees on Wednesday 28th February and Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 2:30pm
Evenings £15; Conc. £13; Friends £12; Matinees £10
********  Opening Night Special Offer – TWO FOR £22  *****

                              **** Tickets available here ****

Moonlit nights on the Nile… ancient temples… young love, glamour, money – and murder…

The beautiful young heiress Kay Ridgeway and her newly-wed husband Simon board an Egyptian cruise-ship for their honeymoon. But among the other guests aboard is Simon’s ex-fiancee, determined to follow the couple everywhere they go, wreaking a silent, unnerving revenge.

When Kay is suddenly murdered, suspicion naturally falls on her rival – but what if she wasn’t the culprit?  Agatha Christie’s own adaptation of her novel Death on the Nile, this classic whodunnit is a masterpiece of the genre – a sparkling costume drama packed with twists and turns, set against a backdrop of exotic beauty. No one is what they seem, and as the cruise turns to a nightmare, everyone on board the ship is drawn inexorably into the web of deception, lust and greed – until
finally the noose tightens on the wrongdoer…

TTC’s must-see production of Murder on the Nile is a breathtaking tour-de- force that will keep you guessing until the very last moment.


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SKYLIGHT (by David Hare)

Directed by Meg Nut


Get in, Technical & Dress rehearsals Sun/Mon (29/30) April
Performances Tuesday 1st – Saturday 5th May evenings, plus matinees on Wed 2nd and Sat 5th May


WHERE:                The Cross Keys, St Johns Road

DATE:                    Saturday 24th February

TIME:                     11.00 am to 1.00 pm

CONTACTS:          CAROL SMITH (07950 039665); MEG NUTT (07786 857891)









On a bitterly cold London evening, school teacher, Kyra Hollis receives unexpected visits from her former lover, Tom Sergeant, a rich, successful and charismatic restaurateur, as well as Tom’s son, Edward, who has, since the lovers parted, been hopelessly adrift.

Tom Sergeant is the very model of a buccaneering, free-market capitalist, who has become filthy rich with a string of restaurants and a fancy retreat in the Caribbean. Kyra was a waitress in one of Tom’s establishments who became embedded in the family unit, befriending Tom’s wife, Alice and their son, Edward. But when Tom’s wife discovered the relationship, Kyra walked out and took a job teaching the under privileged in a tough school in East Ham. Now, several years later, Tom’s wife is dead and, burdened with guilt and grief, Tom wants to rekindle the affair. But Kyra has changed. She has become something of a puritan, living in a dismal council estate and making the punishing daily commute from one end of London to the other.

Tom and Kyra grapple with each other, moving between tender passion and vicious political polemics, as the night darkens and the lines between past and present begin to blur. David Hare’s gripping Skylight is taken up with the wistful, evasive, pungent, fiery reunion of the ex-lovers and the skill with which he knits together passionate arguments about love, guilt and responsibility is impressive. The duellists themselves enjoy their witty power struggle, delivering a highly amusing and thought provoking script.

A hard-hitting play about love, passions and ideologies, Skylight received the 1995 Olivier Award for Best Play, the 1997 Tony Award for Best Play and the 2015 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play.

CHARACTERS (playing ages)

KYRA HOLLIS – late 20’s/ early 30’s

EDWARD SERGEANT – late teens/early 20’s

TOM SERGEANT – late 50’s/mid 60’s